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  • Rank Quest: Batman

    Rank Quest: Batman0

    In a world where lists have run rampant and no one is brave enough to rank them, House Ryokuro does that thing.  Not because it’s easy, but because…actually, no, that’s exactly why. This is RANK QUEST. You may have heard of Batman in your travels. He is, as you might eventually guess, a man that

  • Doomsday Clock #1 Review

    Doomsday Clock #1 Review0

    Thirty years ago, the comic book phenomenon Watchmen appeared on this planet without warning or instructions. It told the tale of a spunky group of sociopathic fetishists who took turns murdering each other, monologuing, fucking each other, building elaborate sand castles on Mars, and destroying an entire city and all its inhabitants in a half-court

  • DC Movies Have a Pulse

    DC Movies Have a Pulse0

    Wonder Woman’s iconic charge across No Man’s Land made movie history…and ensured that DC’s hopes of a movie universe aren’t history. At least, not yet. After the mediocre Man of Steel and the abysmal and wrong-headed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. and DC have finally hit on something that works, and finally

  • Everything You Need to Know About Injustice 2 – IGN

    Everything You Need to Know About Injustice 2 – IGN0

    We round up all the biggest news, leaks, character reveals, and more from Injustice 2. Source: Everything You Need to Know About Injustice 2 – IGN