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  • NFL Conference Championships Preview

    NFL Conference Championships Preview0

    Unbelievably, the NFL season only has three games left to play, and these are two of them. The AFC and NFC Championship Games have historically decided who would be moving on to the great and powerful Super Bowl! This year, the games are largely ceremonial as the World Champion has already been decided and sent

  • NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview

    NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview0

    All right everyone, what did we learn during Wildcard Weekend? That’s correct, Wildcard Weekend doesn’t matter! This week, we get into the meat of the Playoffs sandwich in a series of match-ups that’ll have you wondering if any of this really matters.

  • NFL Wildcard Playoffs Preview

    NFL Wildcard Playoffs Preview0

    The NFL Playoffs are primed to explode this weekend, with approximately nine-ish teams ready to do battle to figure out where exactly they’ll all be sitting when the Patriots win another goddamned Super Bowl. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!