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  • Rank Quest: Batman

    Rank Quest: Batman0

    In a world where lists have run rampant and no one is brave enough to rank them, House Ryokuro does that thing.  Not because it’s easy, but because…actually, no, that’s exactly why. This is RANK QUEST. You may have heard of Batman in your travels. He is, as you might eventually guess, a man that

  • Rank Quest: World of Warcraft

    Rank Quest: World of Warcraft1

    In this new and totally innovative feature from House Ryokuro, we are going on a quest to attempt what no other content-starved website has even conceived: We will make lists of things. Not only that, but we will arbitrarily rank these things in our mission to anger you. This is RANK QUEST. Today on Rank

  • A Great Piss in the Dark

    A Great Piss in the Dark0

    There was something different about this Pissing Calvin. Yes, it was on the back windshield of a black Ford truck. And yes, this truck was in the Midwest, home to both the sensible and the senseless. But this Calvin…something was missing. “Pissing Calvin” is a decal that can be found on a surprising number of

  • 2017 McCrea Awards Part IV

    2017 McCrea Awards Part IV0

    And so we conclude the “grand” return of the McCrea Awards by handing out honors to our merry band of House Ryokuro regulars (and irregulars). These folks made the sun shine brighter, the air smell sweeter, and possibly even killed a couple of those fucking toucans.   Best Total N00b AthenaGrey With just around three

  • The 2017 McCrea Awards Part III

    The 2017 McCrea Awards Part III0

      Best TV Show Star Trek Discovery Finally, the fevered delusion of a hopeful future where humanity is reaching its potential has been stripped away, revealing the truth that Star Trek has never* before had the balls to show: We’ll still be fucking everything up 200 years from now. Featuring a crew of broken, unlikable

  • The 2017 McCrea Awards Part II

    The 2017 McCrea Awards Part II0

    Best Death Anthony Hopkins, Transformers: The Last Knight Sir Anthony Hopkins, one of the most respected and accomplished actors in the world, has reached the stage of his career where he is constantly murdered by robots. His shocking death at the end of HBO’s Westworld heralded this new era in the performer’s work. But it