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  • Rank Quest: Batman

    Rank Quest: Batman0

    In a world where lists have run rampant and no one is brave enough to rank them, House Ryokuro does that thing.  Not because it’s easy, but because…actually, no, that’s exactly why. This is RANK QUEST. You may have heard of Batman in your travels. He is, as you might eventually guess, a man that

  • NFL Conference Championships Preview

    NFL Conference Championships Preview0

    Unbelievably, the NFL season only has three games left to play, and these are two of them. The AFC and NFC Championship Games have historically decided who would be moving on to the great and powerful Super Bowl! This year, the games are largely ceremonial as the World Champion has already been decided and sent

  • Rank Quest: World of Warcraft

    Rank Quest: World of Warcraft1

    In this new and totally innovative feature from House Ryokuro, we are going on a quest to attempt what no other content-starved website has even conceived: We will make lists of things. Not only that, but we will arbitrarily rank these things in our mission to anger you. This is RANK QUEST. Today on Rank

  • Scythe: The Wind Gambit: The Kotaku Review

    Scythe: The Wind Gambit: The Kotaku Review0

    Scythe is one of my favourite board games of the last few years, and having missed its first expansion I was super excited to drop back into the game to test out its second, the airship-based Wind Gambit. Source: Scythe: The Wind Gambit: The Kotaku Review